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Make failure your teacher.



The easiest way to be happy.

I feel honored today, not because of any personal achievement of mine but because of what I’m going to share with you all. Not once, not twice but multiple times in our lives we say “Hey! I can’t do that, I don’t have the resources”, “I guess I will wait for the right time, I’ll do it later” or maybe “What about the world , what would they say, won’t they think I’m crazy if I try to do this.”

Well if you have a dream, nothing can stop you from living it. If you have a dream, go ahead don’t wait for the right time, work today, work now to make it  a reality, even if you fail, you will have a great journey, a great experience to look back to. And don’t worry about the others, each idea is a failure until it brought into the real world, no new invention would have been there if everyone thought about the others and failures.

Now here is what made me say these things which you might have heard earlier too. It’s the story of Augustin.

Agustin ravaged by Polio has set out to over come his poverty and disease by building a helicopter.
Please help  in the  effort to tell this amazing story.

So , quite a has passed by since I announced the Read A Classic project. And well, the response has been nothing to whine about but yes it has satisfactory enough to say that there are people out there who want to read good, old, classic short stories. This week the story shared was Ambrose Bierce’s short story: The damned thing.

If you feel like reading it you can do so here. And if you want classic short stories delivered to your mailbox every week week, you subscribe here. This project is going to be soon turned into a platform but it will be done when the right time will come. Till that time, keep reading, keep writing, create great content.

 Deep meaning and great quote.


It feels so great to share with you guys my latest called Read A Classic. It’s simple. You subscribe for the newsletter and you receive a classic short story delivered to your mail every week. Tell me what you think.


The biggest risk in life is…. not taking any risks at all. Go ahead, take risks.


Staying focussed is the most important thing, isn’t it?