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It feels so great to share with you guys my latest called Read A Classic. It’s simple. You subscribe for the newsletter and you receive a classic short story delivered to your mail every week. Tell me what you think.


Staying focussed is the most important thing, isn’t it?



Don’t worry, try something new today.

Having a rough day, think about this.



You only live once, do you live it satisfyingly enough?

Awesome for workspaces, Is this your daily agenda?

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Have you ever done something like this?  Have you ever done anything unconventional?

Here comes the first one. A great poster for your office. Will look great at your house’s door too. But only if you think you are cool. 🙂

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Welcome everyone to Print + Passion. Wow, writing this post feels like preparing up your home for a guests visit. All of you are welcomed.